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Nathalie Mullinix
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Submitted by: Richard M. Smylie Honolulu,Hawaii
Date Submitted: December 17, 2009
(5 = very satisfied; 1 = least satisfied) Customer Service:5 Process of paperwork:5 Website Information:5 First rate service.Have sold 4 properties with Reality Universal.Highly recommend the service.
Submitted by: Brian Ranck, Sandy UT
Date Submitted: December 09, 2009
Thank you so much for your exceptional service to me in completing the sale of my 2 properties in Hawaii. With the market in such disarray, and the added complication of my needing to sell these properties as short sales, I consider myself very blessed to have worked with you as my agent. I really appreciated your caring and diligent service to me. You were able to guide me in every aspect of a complicated process, explaining each step and helping me to make the best decision possible. During the process, it was clear that your knowledge and experience made the difference in keeping the negotiations with banks, buyers, and all involved moving even when it seemed like we were at an impasse. You knew exactly what to do at each step. I am not sure how many phone calls you made on my behalf, but it must have been hundreds. After my experience with you I am convinced that you are one of the few agents who actually has the ability to complete difficult deals. In selling these homes, you have created a miracle for me. I cannot thank you enough.
Submitted by: Doris Massey, Kailua Kona HI
Date Submitted: October 17, 2009
Your services were great. We were able to save 3% of the customary fee. You were prompt in answering questions regarding the market. This was very helpful because we no longer live in Hawaii and did not have "a feel" for the changing market.
Submitted by: Leon and Barbara Wolfley, Honolulu HI
Date Submitted: September 29, 2009
Customer Service: 5 Process of paperwork: 5 Website Information: 5 Keep up the great Service!!!
Submitted by: Marian Sleboda, Pasadena, MD
Date Submitted: September 07, 2009
I think selling my own home on (for sale by was the best decision I have ever made. It was fun and exciting. I set up my account, property description and downloaded pictures, That easy and I was amazed I sold my home in just 9 days and saved thousands of dollars. I think everyone should give it a try and see for yourself just how easy it really is.
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