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Nathalie Mullinix
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Submitted by: W. Zane
Date Submitted: July 26, 2013
I was planning to sell my condo FSBO but was overwhelmed by the task. My sister (a loan officer) told me to look into Nathalie Mullinix's company. I chose the 1% program which worked out perfectly for me . I thought maybe I would be working with an assistant or other agent but Nathalie was there every step of the way. After one open house I had several offers above the listing price. I accepted a nice cash offer and we were able to close very quickly. Other than having to write the MLS listing and seller's disclosure, Nathalie did all the paperwork and kept track of all the requirements and deadlines. I was able to sign all the documents online with Docusign (other than the escrow signing at the end). There was minimal effort on my part throughout the whole process and Nathalie always kept me properly updated. I was impressed that I received such good service with a lower priced condo. It seemed like this sale was just as important to her as any other. I don't think many brokers or agents would have been as motivated and professional. The whole experience was beyond satisfactory and I would recommend Nathalie to anyone looking to sell. (Oahu-Hawaii)
Submitted by: Martin Severe
Date Submitted: June 26, 2013
Thank you for a professional association. The phone was ringing; the first two showings resulted in offers and even have back-up interest if anything falls through. All within a week. Wow!
Submitted by: Wendy Shenk
Date Submitted: June 01, 2013
Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. is great! I sold my house through the "For Sale By Onwer" program fast. They answered all my questions and provided all the information necessary. I recommend any of Nathalie's products. Your MLS listing will look professional. [Please rate your experience below (5 = very satisfied; 1 = least satisfied)] Customer Service: 5 / Process of paperwork: 5 / Website Information: 5 /
Submitted by: Gregory & Tracy Thompson - HI
Date Submitted: March 21, 2013
We are a retired military couple living off-island, and after a nightmarish, costly, and traumatic experience at the hands of a popular but unscrupulous real estate firm, Nathalie Mullinix came to our rescue and she was just the blessing we needed. Realty Universal not only found buyers interested in our home that were in our price range, they made the selling and closing process virtually painless. For a real estate firm you can TRUST to put YOUR best interests first, contact Nathalie Mullinix and Realty Universal! Thank you, Nathalie! Please rate your experience below (5 = very satisfied; 1 = least satisfied) Customer Service: 5 Process of paperwork: 5 Website Information: 5
Submitted by: Ana Mochurad
Date Submitted: February 12, 2013
I have worked with Nathalie on numerous occasions in my Real Estate transactions. She is well experienced and gets the jobs done in a quick professional manner for the right price. Nathalie and her team sufficiently and successfully assisted me in both selling and buying. Thank you. - Oahu, HI
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