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Benefits of higher-level memberships
Become a Protégé Mentor member, a Millionaire Mentor member or a Millionaire Mastermind member and you'll get an even longer list of benefits to push you to new levels of success.
As a Protégé Mentor member, you get all the benefits of the basic membership, plus:
  • The ability to take, and re-take, tele-seminars on topics that form the foundation of your real estate expertise. These "foundation" calls, as we call them, are great refresher courses on sales strategies, marketing techniques and motivation.
  •  Access to e-mail coaching. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions of any of our real estate experts and get your answer almost immediately.
  • A package of basic assessment testing.
  • A goal-setting package that takes the self-knowledge gained in the assessments and puts it to work by setting reachable goals and defining a step-by-step agenda to achieve your dreams.
  • 6 private coaching sessions.
  • 20% referral fees.
  • Annual fee is just $1,500.
As a Millionaire Mentor member, you get all the benefits of a Protégé Mentor membership, plus:
  • Unlimited e-mail coaching
  • Complete package of assessment testing
  • 12 private coaching sessions
  • 20% referral fee
  • 4+ workshop tele-seminars per month
  • A 4-course Certification Program
  • Annual fee is just $3,000
Or, join at the top-tier, complete benefits membership level, the Millionaire Mastermind membership. With this package, you'll receive all the benefits we offer, including:
  • 24 private coaching sessions
  • 20% referral fees
  • 8+ workshop tele-seminars per month
  • The full Certification Program, with all courses
  • Annual fee is $6,000.
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