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Nathalie Mullinix
President / CEO
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Win more customers
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What REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc., can teach you.

You will learn how to offer "full service" as well as "fee for service" programs. You will not lose your traditional clients. We teach you how easy it is to incorporate these programs into your current business.


Joining our network will also bring you referrals from agents and buyers around the world, as well as build your own referral network.


There's more too!!!


We have weekly training tele-seminars covering every aspect of the real estate business. The seminars often feature speakers from peripheral businesses, sessions on goal setting, and motivational training seminars. In addition, finances, investing and a host of other topics are discussed to help you become a more knowledgeable and effective real estate professional.


Your profile will be listed on our membership website, so that the thousands of buyers and sellers who search the site each day can locate you. People from all over the world will see your information.  Post all of your listings (unlimited) on and on our membership site. charges us over $4000 a year just for Hawaii listings- you receive unlimited postings with basic membership ($298 a year) What a deal!!! You obtain your own user name and password to allow you to add, edit your listings at anytime.


Don't have a web-site? You receive your own with membership, or if you prefer link to your current site.


You'll learn how to offer a "menu" of services to all clients, making it possible to work with any buyer or seller who is about to enter the real estate market. You'll even learn about the valuable services you can offer sellers who are planning to offer their home "for sale by owner."


Are you asking yourself “how do I offer these programs without loosing my full service business?” Not to worry, we will teach you how these programs allow you to service a broader range of customers while being a compliment to your current full service business. The advent of the Internet has left no industry untouched.  Flexibility is the key to survival in this ever changing real estate market. The dinosaurs were ill equipped to change their fate, our programs will show you how to survive the coming extinction of traditional brokerages, and even flourish.


REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc.'s founder and president, Nathalie Mullinix, created the concept of a "menu" of real estate services in 1994. The "menu" is a list of all the services a broker or agent can offer, from traditional full-service brokering for a buyer or seller to hourly consultation as needed.  By letting customers hire you for only the real estate services they need, you can expand your traditional customer base to include the many buyers and sellers who try to buy or sell property without an agent.


The "menu" concept came about because of the desire to assist clients and customers who could not afford to pay for the services of a real estate agent or broker. In 1994, Nathalie Mullinix owned a real estate brokerage in Maryland which is still active . At the time, agents and the broker were constantly faced with situations where sellers did not have enough equity in their home to pay commissions due to personal reasons and the market depending on how long they owned their property.  The company did not want to sacrifice the full-service business and become a discount brokerage,  yet did not want to turn unfortunate situations away. Mullinix developed a way to offer customers a way to pay for just the services they needed and nothing else. By offering this type of customized service, customers could afford to pay for some services "a la carte." Now, with the Internet, this has become “the way of the future!!!”.










When you sign up today, your yearly membership fee will never increase!!! We want to reward you for taking action today.

Click here for all the details about levels of membership.



When you offer a "menu" you are simply being more flexible, not discounting your commissions. By listing your company and information in your state you are not making a commitment to charge the fees on our menu of services. Certain restrictions may apply and fees will vary.  (Please check with your broker or manager as to your company policies). Listing yourself as a consultant will give you more exposure to people looking in your area as well as the ability to network with agents from all over the world.











A basic membership in REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. costs only $298 per year. Or, choose a complete and unlimited array of services starting at $298 a year up to for $6,000 per year (private consulting and coaching packages are also available).









What are you waiting for? Become a REALTY UNIVERSAL member today!!!



Become a member: More reasons to join-

  • Offering real estate menu programs? Fee for service, flat fee
    MLS, MLS for a fee & full service.


  • Don't become a dinosaur. Be ahead of the curve.


  • Are you thinking of making a change? Already offering these
    services, but could use some help in delivery, systemizing, dealing with
    traditional brokers? Learn from- Nathalie Mullinix has been in the
    business over 22 years (1985) and started offering these programs in 1994. -
    You will learn scripts to educate the seller & buyer - how to get paid
    what your worth.


  • Why you should never discount your fee.


  • How to get the traditional brokers to love selling your


  •  Learn how to train your staff to do more with less. - earn
    more with less work. Automate the system.


  • Learn the easy way to send newsletters- start  a shopping

             cart which you should have if you do not already- we will teach

             you why and how.



  • As a bonus - stay up to date on new legislative changes to the
    industry which can affect what you can and cannot do.


  •  We all need support systems. NAR is a great organization, but
    it really does not support this new market- it truly supports the
    traditional ways - money talks and deep pockets usually win. Does that
    make it right? No. We can win this fight. Together we can do this. NMRU, Inc.
    and Nathalie Mullinix are members of National Association of Realtors.
  • Lets take a stand and make it a win/win situation for everyone including buyers and 

             sellers. Sometimes it amazes me when companies forget that the client and

             customer are the most important party. Yes the dues are cheap, but this is

             set up to make it easy and we know that if we can support you, you will

             in turn support others and it continues.


             Less than $1 a day- you can even pay monthly and try it out- we know that you will be

             so glad you did!!!


  • Other problems - how to: Keep customers and clients happy
    that you have never met in person. The business truly has changed!!!


  • How to obtain an endless stream of referrals.


  • How to get sellers to gladly give you all of their open house
    and showing leads.


  • How to have buyers lining up to buy from you.


  • Do you have an automated buyer rebate program? Lead generation
    system in place?


  • Franchises are good for some, but why give away so much of your
    money and have to pay just to have use of a system that promotes the
    franchise who really benefits and not your company. We need systems and
    yes they work well, but there is a better way.


  • How to: Receive huge discounts on many services that you
    constantly use - lets face it, discounts are always given in bulk
    because of all of our affiliates we are able to offer substantial
    breaks. Some of the breaks are for: Printing mailings (email and
    physical) - Data entry, phone service long distance. Customer support
    staff, financial planning, 24/7 property appointments,  off-site
    phone systems that are amazing.


             All of this for only pennies on the dollar- unbelievable, but true!!!

             What are you waiting for?

Why is the price so low? Lets face it, we are all bombarded
with emails, junk mail, and offers promising the moon. So much comes in
that we miss the good stuff. There are only so many hours in a day. If
you are reading this I applaud you for taking the time. If you have been
referred to us you know what we are all about. If not we want to make it
easy for you to check out our mission and hope you will give back too!!!


  • It is a no brainer.


  • Is this for everyone? No.


  • There are requirements:

    1: You must be honest, ethical, and
    have empathy.

    2: You must be able to offer real estate menu programs.

    3: You must carry a valid real estate license in your respective state
    (International brokers and agents may apply as well - your jurisdiction
    rules apply).

    4: Customers and clients must be contacted in a timely

    5: Incoming referrals to you require a weekly update. This
    protects you as well as us. You know our industry requires constant
    contact and follow up. This report ensures there is no
    mis-communication. Technology is wonderful, but because it is so numerous
    in today's world – service companies may block good emails while protecting you from junk so many end up in spam boxes and deleted before read. Many customers and clients only use there email for friends and family only receiving an average of 100 emails per day while we will receive several thousand, so your important e-mail may be missed and the client or customer will think you did not respond when actually you did.

    6: We do require an upbeat attitude, and no huge egos allowed here. A healthy ego is great, but if you think you are above everyone, please do not join us. We look forward to working with you!!!